The Secret of Sizing


Wedding gowns are not made-to-order. When ordering a wedding gown or
bridesmaid dress you need to use a factory size chart. You will find all of the
factory size charts on our web site at, in addition to important
information on how to measure for your dress, and additional costs for extra size
and extra length. Remember, factory measurements are approximate. Be sure
you use the factory size chart to aid you (do not go by your normal dress size,
although it may be a consideration). Gowns are not custom-made; therefore you
need to order to fit the largest part of your body and take it in where it’s too large.
If a dress is too small it could be a real problem; if it is too large a seamstress
can usually alter it to fit. Sizes usually cannot be changed once the order has
been placed. The final choice for size is yours. The information below is intended
to help you make the best choice.
Please be aware that sizing is not an exact science and alterations by an
experienced seamstress will almost always be necessary for a proper fit.
Measuring the Bust
Measure the bust at the widest part of the back, straight across the top of the
bust, NOT under the bust line. The type of bra worn, or whether one is worn at
all, can make a difference. DO NOT use your bra/cup size.
Measuring the Waist
Measure at your natural waistline. Holding your stomach in would be a mistake,
as would create a skin-tight measurement. Leave a finger’s width under the tape
so it can move. For an empire-waist style, or a gown which is otherwise not
fitted at the waist, your waist measurement is less critical in selecting a
Measuring the Hips
Measure at the largest part of the hips (this is generally about 8” down from your
natural waistline). The tips of your fingers should be the area to measure when
you rest your hands on your hips and put your thumbs at your natural waist. Only
in the case of a straight skirt, slim-a-line or when the hip is several sizes larger
than the other measurements will a hip measurement be necessary to determine