The Secret of Pricing

This will shock you. There are no pricing limits on bridal gowns other than what
the bride is willing to pay. Bridal shops buy the gowns at wholesale price and
typically will double the cost to come up with a retail price. There are also some
manufacturers that do not allow selling under their suggested retail price.
However, many bridal shops will often times triple the price. You must be aware
of this and always get an online quote in order to check against the price offered
by the bridal shop. This is why sometimes you can save even more than 30% in
cases where the store has marked up their selling price more than double.
As was stated before be aware of the bridal shop trying to “close “the sale too
when you are there trying on gowns. Resist the temptation of the impulse buy
and go home and get an online price quote.
Another trick used by some retailers is to not give you the full price including
shipping and sales tax (if applicable in your state). We have heard of horror
stories where brides think they are getting a great price only to find out that they
are subject to extra charges for shipping and sales tax. There are also some
internet companies that have hidden fees, like one we know that charges a $7
per dress “handling fee.”
In most cases when you buy from you will avoid sales tax
altogether. And when gives you a price quote, shipping costs are
always spelled out. See chapter seven of this E-book for more on the secrets of
Other things that can affect the price are add-ons like extra length, rush charges,
and split shipping (which is when you order several gowns at one time and have
them individually shipped to a series of different addresses.) These charges are
clearly spelled out on each designer’s size chart posted at
At you may pay by credit card (Visa, MC, Discover). If more than
one credit card is used, there is a small charge per credit card. Typically in the
wedding industry the full amount of your gown order is charged when your order
is received and processed, unless you wish to pay 1/2 down and the balance to
be put on your credit card when the order is shipped. Not all retailers have this
payment plan option, but at you can choose this option for a small
fee to cover bookkeeping expenses
You may also pay by check or money order by mailing your order form along with
your check.