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Has been debated widely . Brazilian national team between 1982 to less than stellar . World Series Champion and 1970 sbobet thai Brazilian team is the best team of all time as well.

If a clear measure of success. World Cup 1970 Mexico held that the tournament sbo that convey the grandeur and excellence of the Brazilian national team completely.

Pele at the age of 30 , Rogerson , Jan Marcin Logrono, Rivers rheostat and tubes, gray and captain Carlos Alberto Tevez sbo a solo hammered into the coffin kill put Italy 4-1. in the final

Brazil in the charming style with Samba completely outrageous style and beautiful.

At the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City Cine 21 June 1970 sbo on the audience packed into the 107,412 cases.

Day 2 was a champion Italy and Brazil friendly football match bet is a winner. And the third was the first national championship will Trophy Jules ‘s Gourmet sbo to occupy permanently .

(Brazil do, but they occupied it for 13 years by the year 1983 this trophy stolen by sbo and can not return it until now ) .

The final day Black Brazil has shown the world that . Beautiful football “Joe Cabo this strike” is.

Yes , but Brazil is still remembered. For football fans who grew up sbo 1970 and then ceded it to see a World Cup classic in the history .

” I made ​​the best of all time” Gordon Banks . Pry off the strike prevention of sbo Pele in the group .

Peterborough Zanetti scapegoat of England defeated Germany 2-3 in the quarter-finals sbo ( Bank food poisoning) .

Richard “Der Bomber ” Muller, the West German bombs , although it has only a 3 sbo but he is a 10 goal scorer .

west German There are players who grace and courage Franz Bauer Ben Hacken because the game lost to Italy in extra time in the playoffs is 3-4 sbo . He had to play across the line by the arm brace due to the injury.

Italy also has two dangerous Luigi Riva and Gianni Rivera.

Besides the final of the World Cup . 1970 also was the first to be broadcast live around the world sbo in another color too.

Therefore, when referring to the World Cup, then Brazil and Mexico in 1970 , and the line as the team’s base sbo and subsequent tournaments to this day.