Hollow to Hem (available on select wedding gowns only)

A hollow to hem measurement is available on select wedding gowns. If there is a
specific style that you are wondering about we would need to check that style #
in the information provided to us from the designer. A hollow to hem
measurement should be taken while wearing any undergarments that you would
wear the day of your wedding. This includes bra and crinoline (if any), as well as
the correct shoe height. This special measurement is done when a gown is
particularly tricky to shorten or when a bride prefers to order the gown in the
correct length so that a hem is not necessary.
Note: If there is a way the gown can be shortened by a seamstress, that would
be preferable than the bride doing her own hollow to hem measurements. There
are two reasons for this: 1. there is always a little leeway in the cutting process
which is standard in the industry, and 2. sometimes it’s not exactly like the bride
wanted due to how well the measurement was done for the bride in the first
If on the other hand, there is no way the gown can be shortened by a
seamstress, then here is a 3 Step Instruction for a Perfect Hollow-to-Hem