Angy is desmelena in ‘Boy Toy’ between two vices: the console and Maxi Iglesias

Who would tell Angy in his day he was to get where he is, right? Not what she had to imagine in their wildest dreams, but there we have it, in the limelight. In this case deserves a place on this Wednesday from happing for the premiere of her new video ‘Boy Toy’, which draws its desmelena and sensual side.

A funny video that seeks to highlight the Spanish pop scene by original cargadito cheerful color. An advance Angy’s new album, which will be released in the coming months, with the Sony Music label and producer Chris Gordon. And you could not have looked better ‘Boy Toy’ Maxi Iglesias, right?

I leave here, it’s a song that ends up sounding better as tracks. And she does not forget that we are jumping from the springboard in ‘Splash! Famous water ‘. If not for .

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