4 looks with basic black pants

Author: Hogarutil

How to wear a basic black pants. Create four looks with black trousers with styling tips from our Personal Shopper. Classic, creative, casual and chic, revisits your basic clothes!

To have a good wardrobe there are several basic items that we should not miss, including black pants.

Depending on our figure, we must choose the pants that best suits us. For example if you are short prevents fishing / capri and, otherwise, if you’re such high commitment and pants rolled up to the ankle. Choose a comprehensive model if you want to hide some extra kilos and commitment to body tissues when what you need is to give volume to a slim figure.

Realistically, most often follow trends that it really feels good. The ideal is to balance both, and keep in mind, that this pant is versatile and perfectly suited to various styles of dress. For example, black pants in a fabric can give life to fall looks very different.

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